Steel Detailing

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Steel detailing plays a vital part in the construction industry. Steel detailing is the proccess of developing structural steel shop drawings for steel fabricators and steel erectors. Setien and Associates' steel detailers produce clean accurate detailed plan drawings for the manufacture, and erection of steel columns, trusses, stairs, handrails, beams, joists, etc. needed for the construction of industrial and commercial structures.

Setien and Associates' steel detailing is performed both in-house and by outsource teams of steel detailers within the United States and overseas who have been with us for over 18 years. All outsourced teams have gone through an intense one-year training process before assisting us on any of our major projects.

We specialize in providing structural detailing and miscellaneous steel detailing to steel erectors, fabricators and general contractors. Our experience is not limited to only steel detailing but in all aspects of steel fabrication. Since our start, our services have been designed to be customer focused. We deliver accurate, cost-effective and promptly finished projects in the industry.

We always stay on the cutting edge of technology and use top 2D and 3D software such as AutoCAD, BIM Modeling utilizing Tekla Structures-X-Steel, Steelware, AutoSD, SDS2, and Advanced Steel, in order to obtain accurate structural steel detailing, and miscellaneous steel detailing drawings. We tailor our services according to our clients’ needs, in order to deliver the best structural steel detailing services.